Posted on May 3, 2020

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240Sweet: The Profit Updates in 2020

The company 240sweet evolved from a partnership that spawned at a company called Lemley’s Catering. Alexa Lemley, as you can tell from the last name, had a personal link to the catering company. Lemley’s Catering was owned by her father, and with access to his equipment, she was able to start her venture, 240sweet. She did so with the help of Samantha Aulick. The pair met while they both worked at Lemley’s Catering. They got along as well as could be. The partnership that began as a close friendship between employees eventually led to a marriage between the two a few years after initially meeting.

Samantha and Alexa worked on a project together to attempt to drum up business for the catering company. In their efforts, they tried making some gourmet marshmallows to see if that might create some new business. People were so impressed with the gourmet treats and they became so popular that Samantha and Alexa felt there might be a business in it. So, that’s where it began. And while things were good for a while, at least good enough to maintain the business, things did not stay that way. The company finds itself in a pretty rough predicament. That is where Marcus Lemonis comes in.
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